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What comes to your mind when you hear the word summer? – Vacation/Holidays/pool? Yes, summer always remains as that cool-season to the holiday. Though we are in a digital domination world, we still look for those physical options which make us comfortable and grateful for the holiday we always want to have. And then we plan accordingly. And then we need to change the plans because of the lack of information we know about the destination. Don’t you think this will take off a major time of yours where you can invest in something else useful for the vacation? While you transact and talk to the world digitally these days, why not choose your holiday planning online with Touropick?

Touropick is a one-stop solution for all of your rejuvenating holidays and refreshing vacations. With perfect planning and perfect deals, they stand out from the crowd. We have recognized Touropick as the best holiday planner and best tour operator in your place. A group of people operates this interesting service of helping people travel to their dream destinations with a lot of relief and luxury. Touropick has its presence in Agra, Faridabad, Pune, & Nanitaal .we know them for their best tour packages and top class service to the clients. In this context, let’s dig into some details about it and understand why should you choose Touropick for your next destination.!

Before that, let us understand the travelers. We have adventure travelers, spiritual travelers, solo travelers, families who travel, and honeymoon travelers. Touropick has a certain specification and understanding of every section of the traveler. Each category has its own benefits and own purpose of your travel.

From Goa to Singapore to New Zealand, wherever they might be your destination. Touropick offers you the best experience you can ever have on a holiday. Summer travels have their own base of pleasures. And some of those summer destinations you can plan for will be mentioned in this article. Let us learn about the best summer destinations with the best tour operation services that Touropick offers us.

Domestic destinations

Domestic destinations are the quickest and the best ones if you are looking for an Indian relaxing holiday. Touropick has Goa, Kerala, Shimla, and Manali as the top where Goa stands on the list.

We call goa in summers as the bliss for travelers. The sunny beach days to get a tan after those freezing winters are a mandated activity to be done. Enjoy the place with old churches and museums which talk about the history of the French and Portuguese. Play your heart out on the beaches as they set up some water sports at the adorable Anjuna. Shop at the flea market while you are thinking about how unique is their collection. Have a hard-hitting party with friends to remember it for a lifetime. Have some soulful time with yourself while the sun is setting and coloring the sea sand golden. Have a rejuvenating massage by the sea and eat some heavenly delicious seafood from the world-famous Goan cuisine. Goa is a universal favorite place too many as it has everything a traveler wandered, and a family is looking for. And the best part, most of the things in Goa are economical and quality worthy at the same time. Touropick offers a proper package that covers the mandate for activities and client comforts in for Goa travelers.

Down south in the deep greens, there is a magical place called Kerala. Kerala, in summers, has its own charm of nature and probably the best destination for nature lovers. Often many people visit Kerala for the honeymoon and also for its soul-satisfying scenery. Imagine yourself moving gently in those backwaters of Aleppo with a soothing south Indian music playing in the private boat? And then the food arrives, which just melts in the mouth. Kerala tourism is incomplete without elephant rides and temple scenes. As it’s known for God’s own country, you definitely can’t miss on the amazingly well-designed temples, those huge and beautiful churches you see in movies. They are worth visiting them just for their architecture. This is not just known as God’s own country, it’s the best place to rejuvenate yourselves with some Ayurvedic massage and activate your nerves to not to tire of visiting this vast land of exceptional beauty on the planet. Touropick makes sure that there is no discomfort and there is no injustice done to the place.

Shimla and Manali are those winter Switzerland of India. Though they sound as the best destinations in winters to witness the first snowfall of the year, it is still the best place to travel in summers as well. Mountains in summers become colder and provide us that vintage affair of just relaxing with a luxurious view one can ever have. Having a snow-capped mountain view from your balcony with a cup of some nice strong tea and listening to your favorite music itself is an emotion. The mountain trekking and the hidden temples and monasteries have been resembling this place over years by leaving the travelers blown their minds.  The rashtrapati nipas and the christ church in Shimla are not to be missed. The park where all the dramatic movie songs were shot, isn’t it supposed to be in the list?

Can someone miss the white water river rafting in Manali? Have an adventurous experience in the mind of beautiful Himalayas. Take your route to Rohtang Pass from Manali and play with the snow. Visit the historic and popular Hidimba temple. And much more!  These two places give the best out of nature and the feeling of seeing nature from the closest way makes you travel back again. Shimla and Manali are those places where couples usually visit for their honeymoons in summer. Touropick always understands the client’s comfort and makes sure there is no disarrangement in their memory-making process.

International Destinations
For someone who thinks international traveling is their thing, Touropick covers your interest too. Summer talks about broad travels and Touropick never disappoints you in this matter. Touropick has some solid summer destinations where everyone can plan and afford to. With some interesting plannings and reasonable package deals, Touropick always stands as the best international tour planner. We have Maldives, Bali, Singapore, Hong Kong, and New Zealand on the list of international destinations in summer.

The Maldives can never miss on the list for honeymoon destinations, especially in summers. An island surrounded by the deep blue seas and some exotic beach resorts with a special arrangement for the couples in the middle of the beach just to make it memorable for them are actually worth visiting and experiencing in the Maldives. The candlelight dinners on the beachside just make your holiday a million times special. Witness the mysterious yet glorious glittering sea at the night and experience the extraordinary scuba diving when you are at the Maldives with Touropick. Cycling together to the golden sunrise towards the beach and having a proper breakfast of your choice has its own kind of feel to it. The pampering Ayurveda massages with a beach view, while the sun is setting itself, makes you to realize how beautiful is to be in an island of magic. Get the best planning ideas and organized your holiday well with Touropick and you will never get to regret it.

Bali has it’s vibe mostly into bachelor trips and memory-making experiences. Having a bunch of friends with some desperation to have a kick-ass international holiday, Bali gives you all kinds of goals. Have those party nights and days along the beachside over some fun and life conversations with your dear ones with no disruption of plans with Touropick. Have those incredible lobsters and crabs and some equally amazing massages with extraordinary relaxing massages again with a view of exotic golden sunrises. Because I can never miss moments of such with multiple tasks. Touropick makes things easy for you.

Singapore, Hong Kong gives more than the best family tours you can imagine. The streets of flea market and those wholesale shopping destinations with stuff full of international brands. These are one of those amazing and successful cities in the world that we cannot miss one on. A perfect destination to have a family tour and have special moments. Indulge yourself with the deep infinity pool and spa, ride yourselves towards the world-famous Universal studios to satisfy your movie madness here. Bump into the Disneyland of Hong Kong and forget yourselves. Make yourself wild in the ocean park and not to miss the vibrant nightlife in Nathan roads. Touropick offers the best tour packages for Singapore and Hong Kong to set your family tour comfortable.

They say if you are a traveler, a trip to Europe should be in your list. For many in the world, visiting Europe has been their dream travel destination. This has many reasons as they are republicans and the old ancient culture of Europeans always leaves you fascinated. From the royal palaces to London to the narrowest lanes in Dubrovnik, Europe has all of it you need in dream travel. People visit nearly 20-30 countries in Europe as it is huge. Most of the crowd start their Europe trip from the city of lights, Paris, France. Visiting the iconic Eiffel tower and the real monalisa paintings, watching around the art and some interesting French food is an amazing experience everyone desires to have. Those Belgian waffles and the amazing artwork in Belgium are worth a visit. Those stone fixed roads from brugge, give the actual introduction of what is it like to be in a fairy tale.

Snow in the vintage city of Prague with having those mind-blowing and royal palace looking buildings, hotels, and exotic beauties can never be missed. Feel like a prince/ princess while you are in Prague as it has the most dramatic walls, colors, and culture. Walkthrough the lanes of Brno and have a ghost ride and visit the oldest church which has nearly up-to 50000 skeletons back from the 11th century. Isn’t it interesting? How can one miss the famous Dubrovnik and visit the narrowest lanes? And those pretty walls of it? You can not miss the beautiful Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik and feel fascinated alongside the beautiful blue sea. Have those kinds of pasta and macaroons, the mulled wine and salads, walk around, live the countries, and pamper yourself with a lot of shopping. Touropick carefully arranges all your dream destinations one after another with no rush and gives you the best travel experience ever.


New Zealand is the land to satisfy all of your wild dreams in summers. This place is a one-stop place for all those nature lovers and trekkers. A country in the southwest of The Pacific Ocean bearing the volcanoes and glaciation. It has humble seas and dramatic mountains, and Mt. Victoria talks about beauty. Visiting Auckland when you are in New Zealand is something else. Having its location in the north of New Zealand with two large harbors, it becomes the major city of New Zealand. Also, there are a lot of touristy things to be done in Auckland. The iconic sky tower harbor where you get to find all the cafes, superyacht, and bars lined up will be a good place to hang out with. Also, how exciting is it to visit the oldest park which is based on the extinct volcano followed by the home to the exuberant winter gardens?

The South Island Fiordland and Southern Lakes leaves you awestruck with their serene naturally and also for all the lords of rings lovers, this is a perfect destination to stand in for the mythical Middle Earth. The Abel Tasman National Park is a way to heaven for all those crazy hikers and wilder heads. The world-famous river rafting alongside the Huka falls makes your trip more adventurous and crazier to the core.   Planning a tour to New Zealand will never be complete without the hair rising, bungee jumping and exceptional skydiving. Overall Touropick, being the top tour operator will plan as sharp as the place and plan to make a never to be missed kind of holiday.

Touropick has already proved it regardless of service domestically and internationally. Touropick suggests every traveler, every tourist, and every individual to choose the best for themselves for promising travel memories and experiences in their lives. For more information about the packages and destinations organized by Touropick, refer here. Also, contact Touropick from here and plan your summer vacation now.